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Before you take a medication for a particular ailment, you should inform the health expert about intake of any other medications including non-prescription medications, over-the-counter medicines that may increase the effect of generic for arimidex , and dietary supplements like vitamins, minerals and herbal, so that the doctor can warn you of any possible drug interactions.

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They can be mitigated for the most part through the use of anti-estrogen medications like arimidex anastrozole and aromasin exemestane , or a dht inhibitor proscar propecia finasteride .

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It provided clear information on hormonal therapy and the differences between arimidex and tamoxifen.

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Examples of aromatase inhibitors approved by the fda are anastrozole arimidex and letrozole femara , both of which temporarily inactivate aromatase, and exemestane aromasin , which permanently inactivates aromatase.

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